Wild One RevengeWild One Revenge
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Retina Display compatible
Rated 4+

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The HyperCard stack masterpiece Unyo! is back after 20 years as an iPhone app! For those of us who experienced the dawn of personal computing, this game evokes both a sense of both nostalgia and novelty! The same "look and feel" of that addictive game played on a nineties Mac is alive and playable.

The black-and-white dot images, the computer-generated voice, and above all, the playful interaction of the Unyo! card game won a legion of fans! Regrettably HyperCard no longer runs on the latest versions of MacOS X, so playing the original game has been difficult. In response, "NOB" Nobuyoshi Kodera, the original creator of Unyo! and currently a popular writer and chairman of MIAU (Movement for Internet Advanced Users), has given his full cooperation in bringing Wild One to the iPhone.

Every effort has been made to faithfully recreate the original Unyo! experience from the screen display, "look and feel" of the interface, computer logic patterns, and even the mischievous dialogue. Even those who have only a vague memory of Unyo! will instantly recall the fun and fascination of this addictive game the first time they hear that voice.

The entertaining victory animation created by Hideyuki Tanaka, who is still an active illustrator today, rewards the winning user with a nostalgic sense of satisfaction.

Also the ending when you win by a huge point gap is recreated exactly as in the original game. We hope that original users will persevere and finally see this bonus ending.

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Basic Rules

  1. This is a Computer versus single player game. At the start of the game, each player is dealt 7 cards.
  2. Each player takes turns, playing a card from their hand that matches the mark or number of the exposed card on the Discard pile. If you do not have a card that matches the mark or number, you have to draw one card from the Draw Pile, and it is the Computer's turn.
  3. The first player to discard all the cards in their hand is the winner! However, the last card cannot be a Wild or Special card. It must be a number card.

Card Types and Their Use

There are four different marks (● ☆ $ #), and each mark has 10 number ranks (from 0 to 9). In addition, there are the following Special and Wild cards:
- DrawOne: Play this card and your opponent must draw 1 card and it's your turn again!
- DrawTwo: Play this card and your opponent must draw 2 cards and it's your turn again!
- Skip: Play this card and your opponent misses his turn and it;s your turn again!
- Wild: Play this card at any time, and name the Mark of your choice. The next discard must be that Mark.
- DrawFour: Play this card at any time, and name the Mark of your choice. Your opponent must draw 4 cards and it's your turn again, plus the next discard must be the Mark you name.

You can counter a DrawOne, DrawTwo or DrawFour card played against you if you have and play the same card. For example, if the computer plays DrawTwo and you immediately counter with your own DrawTwo, then you do not draw any cards but your opponent must draw 4 cards (2+2). Counters can be met by counters. Therefore, in an ultimate battle, 4 DrawFour plays can result in a maximum draw of 16 cards.

Score Calculation

The winner of a round receives the point value of the cards remaining in the opponent's hand. These points are added to the overall score.

- Wild, DrawFour: 50 points
- DrawTwo, DrawOne, Skip: 20 points
- Number cards: The number value is the point value.

... and there is more, but it is complicated and hard to write and even less fun for you to read. Instead, I invite you to start playing and you will soon discover everything you need to know.  So get started!

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