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Geiger Calc



Compatible with iPhone®,iPod touch® and iPad®
iOS4.0 or later compatible
Retina Display compatible
Rated 4+

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Instead of using Geiger Calc, are you still calculating accurate measurements of Ionizing radiation with pen and paper?

Now no more need. Geiger Calc will become your assistant and do your calculation and recording for you.

If you are using old versions of SOEKS-01(M) or ECOTESTER, you need to calculate an average manually. You may also have to multiply a measured value by a factor in order to correct for an error between CPM and Sv/h, if you are using other radiation detectors.

Even in such cases, you just enter measurements one after another, then Geiger Calc tells you accurate value in real-time by multiplying a mean value (arithmetic average) by a factor.
You may want to omit both Maximum and Minimum values from the data entry to calculate an average. Geiger Calc of course, solves it with only one setting.
Geiger Calc shows you calculation reflecting your setting.
If you need to undo data, you can do so by simply shaking the iPhone.

You can save the recorded data in the iPhone after data entry.
You can use the iPhone GPS to record location.
You can check the location via the Map application, if the location is saved, when you access your data.
For long-term storage, please send your data to yourself by E-mail. You can send all data.

※There is a possibility of losing your data if the application is deleted from the iPhone, please email important data to avoid this.

The rest depends on how you use this.
Should you have any queries or requests, please feel free to contact us by E-mail from the support page.


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